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The English Pink Series by Margie J. Williams

As a young, budget-conscious housewife and mother when she began her love affair with English transferware in pink, Margie Williams had no conception of the immense impact the avocation would have on her life. Today, almost half a century later, this courtship has blossomed into the definitive guide for English Pink collectors everywhere. Included in each book are many, many photographs, graphics and marks. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a novice hobbyist, or secretly prefer blue, these three magnificent texts are for you! Welcome to English Pink!

Capture the Essence!
Surround yourself with the charm
of Delightful English Pink Transferware*

*Pottery upon which a pattern was applied by transferring a print from copper plate to a special tissue, then to the pottery body. After soaking away the tissue, the ware is glazed and fired.

American Historical English Pink

American Historical English Pink
American Views on English Transferware
102 pages 8.5 by 11 inches Spiral binding $25.00

Written to accompany a talk given in Philadelphia recently, this limited-edition volume is simply packed with information. While the author’s emphasis in this tome is on wares produced in the fabulous hues of pink, her insightful look at each American view is amazing and truly color-blind. In addition to recording not only the potter and his pottery but the known forms and colors, she also provides a glimpse into the historical significance of every magical motif.

A limited number of remaining copies of this 102-page edition, 8 ½ by 11 inch spiral-bound format are now being offered to transferware collectors everywhere. Don’t be misled by its modest size; this volume is laden with information about the unique “picture wares” potted in Staffordshire especially for Americans.
American Historical English Pink $25.00

Collecting English Pink Appreciating, Understanding and Gathering English Transferware
160 pages 9 by 12 inches Perfect binding $45.00

Offering a superb entry into the fascinating world of English transferware, this insightful book looks at the myriad types, sets and pieces of ware, focusing on transfer-printed wares in pink. The book opens with a humorous peek at this intriguing hobby, takes an in-depth gaze at attributing and dating transferware, moves through collecting tips, explores the ware’s enormous range and its usage and ends with a glance at the English pottery industry. Collecting English Pink appeals to every level of transferware collector.
Collecting English Pink $45.00

The Charm of English Pink: The Pots
414 pages, 9 by 12 inches, Perfect binding $65.00
An abundance of research and glorious pictures accompany this in-depth exploration of a portion of the many, many pots as well as the individual patterns produced in pink. Over 300 unique patterns are illustrated and historically explored in detail, including a glimpse at English transferware’s mysteries − both solved and unsolved. Expect the best! This book is available now!
The Charm of English Pink: The Pots $65.00

The Charm of English Pink: the Pott’ries
76 pages, 9 by 12 inches, Perfect binding $25.00

In this text, we examine the Staffordshire Pott’ries, the hamlets, villages and towns of Stafford County where this enormous industry was spawned. Every English resident, as well as citizens from countries around the globe, recognizes the tiny area in the north of England known as Staffordshire.
This text is a detailed look at this section of north Stafford County, its towns, its people, its growth and the amazing industry that forged its very core and made it known the world over. Beyond the obvious history of the region, the author treats us to glimpses into a few of the original potworks, the Harecastle tunnels on the Trent-and-Mersey Canal − the waterway that transformed the English industry, the last firing of a bottle-shaped oven, original potworks, Staffordshire area museums, designer Clarice Cliff and even a look at Arnold Bennett’s District.
The next book in the Charm series is a study, including photographs, of the six major communities that today form the city of Stoke-on-Trent, England, the world’s potting capital.
The Charm of English Pink: the Pott’ries $25.00

The Charm of English Pink: the Potters
?? pages, 9 by 12 inches, Perfect Bindings $35.00

In this final volume of the Charm series, we peek at the potters, the potworks’ pioneers, indeed the potting heroes, who brought it to life. This culmination of our fascinating study is a look at the pottery firms − large and small − encompassing families of potters, little-known manufactories and industry amalgamations.
From pottery’s firms, fathers and families to throwers, turners and transferrers − even bottom-knockers − we study the lives of the people of the potteries. Not just another boring history tome, the book is exceptional reading… especially for those who love Staffordshire transferware!
The Charm of English Pink: the Potters $35.00

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