Margie’s (Bi−) Monthly Log − July 20 2008

Margie’s (Bi−) Monthly Log − July 20 2008

I don’t actually think one should be tardy in the very first month of a commitment, but that’s exactly what I’ve done. I never realized how rapidly a month can elapse! Nonetheless, I hope the new entries for July will spark some excitement and you’ll email me with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

California is ablaze and Newcastle is hunkering down under a thick blanket of smoke. We’re presently away from danger but we clearly know our rural hilltop is vulnerable so we remain extremely cautious and watchful. Local health officials warn us to avoid inhaling any more of the unhealthy air than absolutely necessary. ‘Sounds like a good reason for me to stay indoors, prepare the website updates and work on the current book The Charm of English Pink…

Let’s see − I’ve just completed placing the images for the “NON PARIEL” pattern. Although the progress seems slow, I realize that each moment renders the book a bit more correct and thorough. This past week, an excited exchange of emails with another collector thrust a singular view, “Jerusalem/Mosque of Omar,” into a series with at least five views! In another situation, research has found the “Texian Campaign” series has two more manufactories than most collectors knew. Read about all of this on the “Message Board” of the Transferware Collectors’ Club website. If you haven’t yet seen the club website (, I urge you to look. The site offers a huge database of patterns, pictures and information. There are sample tidbits to tempt non-members and membership is inexpensive and easy. The “Message Board” alone is a goldmine − and it’s one of several FREE areas!

As these last two months have progressed, I find I’m ever more delighted with my decision to remove certain chapters from this text and make them the separate entities they need to be. Exciting new finds turn up every single day in tourist wares, 20th-century wares and “Willow” wares in pink. The other category, Aesthetic Movement wares, are rapidly becoming the hot collectible with transferware dealers as the earlier pieces are more and more difficult to find; unfortunately, prices are keeping pace and increasing too.

Occasionally I need to take a short break for writing so I’m always planning some smallish writing diversion. There two pieces for website additions are at work currently:

First, I’m expanding an article I wrote, for the TCC Bulletin, on English transferware in the California gold fields. It will be a look at evidence of England’s great industry in the trash heaps of California’s golden glory days. The writing is competed; I just have to add some pictures. I’ll say nothing more about it just now but you can look here for the completed project soon!

Second, I’m working on a “Teahouse” pattern project. Although the pieces aren’t pink and they are often not too old, they are nonetheless captivating! More later…

Well, back to work! Happy collecting ‘til I talk with you again! Hopefully, it’ll be August, not later!
Jerusalem-Mosque of Omar

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