Margie’s log for April/May 200

Margie’s log for April/May 2009:

The Charm of English Pink: The Pots is finally finished! To me, the book seems absolutely HUGE, 414 pages, and it did indeed take forever! Since I last wrote a “monthly” log, there have been some changes. (Now, why don’t I think that’s a surprise?) Following the advice of author and friend Dick Henrywood, once again I divided the work, giving each of the three original book sections, Pots, Pott’ries and Potters, a separate text. Convincing me that I needed more frequent “signs of completion,” Dick thoroughly supported my decision. He was indeed correct!

Upon completion, there will be five volumes in the English Pink series!

American Historic English Pink

Collecting English Pink

The Charm of English Pink: Pots

The Charm of English Pink: Pott’ries

The Charm of English Pink: Potters

Astounding… and I thought I was writing a book. The second of the Charm trio is pretty close to being ready but the last tome still needs some work. The production is slowly but steadily − and indeed, happily − progressing.

While completing this last book has brought me a tremendous emotional lift, I am also experiencing another very positive result I did not expect − but am enjoying immensely. While doing an industrious search and categorizing my files for better clarity, I absolutely cannot resist a “quick,” examination of my − many tempting − older transferware files. Well, perhaps quick doesn’t adequately describe the rather long lapses of time… but some of the long-forgotten gems I’ve found are simply wonderful and must appear here! A definite delight, I’d say. The only drawback is that my husband Kent keeps insisting I must “BACKUP MORE OFTEN!” Much to my chagrin, he’s probably correct.

It seems we are anticipating an exciting event at our home. Last October, Kent and I flew to Norfolk to attend the Transferware Collectors’ Club Annual Meeting at Colonial Williamsburg. The conference left us breathless and desperately wanting more exposure to our terrific friends! As the weather warmed and the state began its most glorious yearly transformation − SPRING − we announced our intension to host a TCC northern California Regional Meeting. June 6 is our target! (For more details, see the TCC website Since we expected only west-coast members to attend, Kent and I are delighted with the results. Today, we have twenty-two members committed! Our 2009 mid-year transferware injection is happening!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue poking at my keyboard, rushing to keep up with the flow of EP ideas that rage through my transferware brain… Happy collecting, everyone!

(Hmmm… ‘Wonder if I might move that plate over here? And, maybe I could fit the entire “HOLY BIBLE” series on the new shelf in the bedroom… Oh, this is so much fun! How many weeks to go?)

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